Celebrate.  Strengthen.  Grow.

Whether they know it or not, every church, organization, neighborhood, and extended family has entered into a social contract with “Special Couples”—married couples with special needs children—and those journeying with mental illness.

This contract springs from the “love thy neighbor” moral code that most people strive to live by, and it offers everyone the chance to have a significant impact on people’s lives.

On the one hand, Special Couples experience wonderful, seemingly simple blessings that many people without a special needs child can’t appreciate.  On the other, they face unique challenges that often tear at the fabric of their marriage, fueling the risk of resentment, abandonment, and even divorce.

Likewise, the mentally ill and their loved ones encounter physical, emotional, and relational challenges that impact almost every aspect of their lives.

The celebration of bright ‘highs’ and the protection from dark ‘lows’ ultimately determine whether relationships survive, whether people flourish, and whether the church and society grow.

That’s where Mike and Ann Gapinski come in. 

As a married couple that’s persevered despite a houseful of special needs children, including some with mental illness, Mike and Ann have discovered keys to a long and strong marriage and insights to navigating through mental health challenges.

These discoveries and insights have uniquely equipped them to enable Special Couples, families, friends, and churches to protect and grow these marriages and support the mentally ill. 

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Special Couples 

‘Special Couples’ are married couples with minor or adult children suffering with mental illness, physical illness, or addictive behavior.  Although these couples often enjoy beautiful, soul-moving experiences with their children, they also face heart-breaking challenges, circumstances, criticisms, and catastrophes. 

Mike and Ann develop and deliver messages specifically to honor, celebrate, support, and protect Special Couples.  From their “Cornerstone” Marriage Seminar to their blogs and webinars, they cover dozens of topics designed to uplift husbands and wives, break down interpersonal barriers, celebrate the small and large accomplishments, resolve deep-seated relational issues, develop “couple-growth” strategies, build “hedges of protection”, and strengthen lasting, Christ-centered marriages. 

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Mental Illness Travelers

While many aspects of mental illness—including causes, treatments, and prognoses—remain a mystery, the effects on both the mentally ill person and his/her loved ones are no less severe than those affecting people living with a physical disability or an addiction.  Physical, financial, spiritual, social, and relational consequences are often deep and long-lasting.

Mike and Ann have gained through their own long journey insights into the world of mental illness.  Because of this, they can offer encouragement and Bible-based practical advice not only to those walking in that world, but also to those love and care.  Wisdom from Scripture, promises from Jesus, and lessons from life fill each of their blogs and inspiring talks.

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Families, friends, and neighbors

Thankfully, most people won’t experience the challenges of raising special needs children or navigating the world of mental illness, but some of their extended family members, friends, and neighbors definitely will.  And herein lies the greatest opportunity for making a difference in people’s lives. 

While it’s often hard to understand and relate to people in these situations, to the fears they face, and to the decisions they make, Mike and Ann enlighten families, friends, and others so that they can reach out, connect, comfort, and befriend others to improve their lives and lighten their loads. 

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Churches and other organizations 

Statistics suggest that many people within your midst are now or will soon deal with a special needs child or a mentally ill loved one.  The potential impact to relationships is obviously huge, but so is the impact to your mission, your community, and society as a whole. 

Sadly, few churches and other organizations run programs, ministries, Life Groups, and other activities specifically supporting Special Couples and those journeying with mental illness.  But Mike and Ann can help you change that! 

From posting valuable blogs to sharing messages and insights at your events to helping you create in-house capabilities focusing on Special Couples and mental illness, Mike and Ann can do it all.  They’ll work within your budget to educate, develop, launch, and support the staff, volunteers, and programs you need to reach these unique people. 

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