Revelations from Life for Life.

Below is a sample of the mental illness-focused talks Mike and Ann can give to your church or group. Since they’re still gaining new insights and wisdom on the topic, this list continually grows, as does their ability to create specific talks based on your vision and goals.




Lessons learned through living, laughing, and letting go—dealing with the loss of a loved one to mental illness, addiction, and poor life choices.



Secrets to gaining victory over exhaustion, guilt, isolation, grief, anger, loss, and many other nasties plaguing special needs families.



Exploring topics of dreams and disappointments, purpose and provision, trust and temperament, all focused on the question: “My view, or God’s view?”


“Freedom From…  Freedom To…”

Applying life lessons, truths of Scripture, and new tools to escape exhaustion, handle hurts, dream new dreams, and more.


“Bad Days, Bad Years”

Exploring Biblical principles to deal with personal insecurities, relational challenges, spiritual valleys, and depression amplified by the demands of a special needs household.


“Got Faith?”

Unpacking the truths about God’s character and care demonstrated in the lives of Abraham and David to discover the truths about God’s love and plan for us and our special needs family member.


“Collateral Damage”

Lessons from Scripture and a special needs family on the dangers of intentional and unintentional favoritism, plus practical tips to healing the hurt and building the bonds.


“Protecting Your Own From Your Own”

First-hand advice on navigating conversations, relationships, self-doubt, and backlash when dealing with issues of safety in a special needs home.



Wisdom from life and Scripture on the posture and perspective needed to trust God, and the consequences of choosing which way to run.


“But What Would I Say?”

Closing the relational gap between those who are dealing with a special needs child and those who aren’t by discovering the reasons for communication and engagement challenges, then identifying effective ways to bridge that divide.