Based on Scripture.  Tempered by Life.

Below is a sample of the marriage-centered messages Mike and Ann can share with your church, organization, or group. They constantly create new messages and can craft specific talks based on your topics and goals.



“Cornerstone” Marriage Seminar

“Acknowledge The Past”  brings couples back to ‘square one’ from which they rediscover their love, reveal their disappointments, and recommit themselves to growing and flourishing together.

“Surviving The Present”  coaches couples on the principles, practices, and priorities of daily living that enable them to reduce conflicts, increase compassion, and protect relationships.

“Create The Future”  guides couples through their own visioning session that yields an actionable plan to accomplish their dreams in light of the realities of ‘special needs parenting’ life.



Discovering the “secret of being content in any and every situation” by examining the life of Joseph and the writings of Paul to live, love, and rejoice over a special needs lifetime.


“Obedience: The Topsoil of Miracles”

Discovering the keys to unleashing miracles: guarding the vital, growing the helpful, believing the impossible, and building the impenetrable.


“Between The Verses”

Learning to walk through the valleys between the occasional mountain peaks—lessons from the patriarchs about living through the daily grind in challenging family settings.


Fourth and Long”

Encouraging fathers facing a long and unpredictable journey with stories and wisdom from the Bible and from contemporary life.


“Comfort, Crowns, Cash, Or Christ”

Revealing what sabotages personal priorities, discovering what magnifies personal effectiveness, and growing what solidifies personal relationships in a special needs household.


“Fear Is Not An Option”

Combining Biblical truths about the Father’s love and the Spirit’s power with practical ways to view, prioritize, and address long-term challenges with special needs family members.


“Sunrise, Sunset”

Developing habits and heartbeats that help string moments of depth and delight into a lifetime of connection and commitment.


“The United Way”

Creating couple-specific strategies for getting and staying on the same page when dealing with opposing dreams, desires, and decisions—ways to maximize the power of “We”, “Us”, “Yes”, and “No”.


“Ready, Set, Go!”

Learning how to create and execute short-, medium-, and long-term plans that actually accomplish the goals you set for your child, yourself, and your marriage.